Alberto Riera

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    Since 2018 Alberto Riera Inc was founded in New York City, dedicated to the national and international promotion, distribution and sale of the artistic work of master Alberto Riera.

    Alberto Riera was born in Barquisimeto, Lara State - Venezuela on December 13, 1978 and studied art, in THE ART STUDENTS LEAGUE and SCHOOL VISUAL ART of the city of New York in  1998 - 1999, adopting an abstract style - expressionist, using a mixed technique such as oil, acrylic, pigments, oil stick, chalk on canvas or craft paper.

     For more than 23 years, his artistic work has been dedicated to the investigation of the effects that pollution has on the environment, reflecting how the human being is deteriorating the planet earth; from there arises the GARDEN series where we can appreciate the great variety of flower species found in the world.

    Since 2015 a new series called NEW YORK SUBWAY has been created which reflects the history and experiences of all those people who came to life converge in this underworld, regardless of race, religion, gender etc ... taking this means of transport to go to fulfill your dreams; and in turn these pieces have been made in each of the train stations, impregnated with the essence, energy and magic that this great city emanates.

   His artistic work has been present in more than 16 countries, participating in differents contemporary art fairs and international auctions, being preferred by exclusive art collectors, galleries, museums and interior designers.